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Fail & Fail Often

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

When you go to the gym you are pushing your body to failure because that's the only way your muscles will get stronger. Each time you are breaking down your muscles so that they can rebuild, learn, repair, and come back stronger next time. Each time you are pushing yourself to failure because failing is the only way to grow, learn, and get stronger.

The same goes for anything else in life, including in your videos and audio production.

There is no such thing as a perfect show, a perfect break, a perfect interview, etc.

Do not try to be perfect because you have to take risks; you have to fail.

Many people are afraid to fail and that is normal, you don't have to be fearless but you DO have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you fail, when you try something new and it falls flat or doesn't get the response you wanted, you learn more than you would have learned if it was an instant success.

Entertainment is an industry packed full of failure. Actors are constantly rejected through auditions, not everyone can have the highest grossing movie, not everything everyone does is a success. But if you reframe things now, these aren't really failures at all. When you 'fail' you are actually building toward your eventual success.

Now is the time to get comfortable being uncomfortable, that area where you will find out who you are on the air and what works (and what doesn't). You will never stop learning and you will never stop failing, but as long as you learn from and grow from each 'flop' then you will find success.

Learning what NOT to do is just as, if not more, important than learning what TO do.

The only way you can learn is to try and fail, so that you can then try and succeed.

To be creative you must be vulnerable, you must put yourself out there and be true to yourself and who you really are and what you truly believe is 'good.'

So, to be creative you must be vulnerable, and the foundation of vulnerability You have to trust the people you work with, and for, that you can be vulnerable - you can try and fail - and you'll have their support. That is essential to a successful show, a successful shift, a successful person in entertainment.

Now is the time to engrain this new mentality into your being, because if you aren't comfortable being uncomfortable, if you're afraid of trying and failing, if you aren't able to trust in yourself to be vulnerable (and thus creative) then you will always struggle to find success and personal happiness in the entertainment industry.

Yes, this requires a bit of a thick skin, but you must develop the ability to learn from and get better as a result of - failing.

So go fail - fail often - fail into your success.

-Matt Tompkins

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